Advantages to using our Program

  • You have a licensed chiropractor on staff to help you with any musculoskeletal ailments of your employees. Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld is an expert in office ergonomics and is only a phone call / email away to answer any workplace ergonomic questions. All monthly Massage 4 Office programs include six emails answered by Dr. Gottesfeld every month for FREE. If you would prefer to communicate by phone, the program includes three phone calls (maximum 10 minutes/call) per month at no additional charge!

  • You can receive free copies of Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld's book Sit Fit, Be Fit to distribute to all corporate executives of your company (20 copies maximum). Many corporations have used the information in this book to implement or improve their own in-house wellness program.

  • All of our licensed and insured massage therapists are trained by Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld, D.C. in various massage techniques to maximize keeping employees healthy and pain free when they sit all day. Our massage therapists are certified, and are consistently continuing their technique training. They are truly a cut above the rest!

We make it simple for you.

  • We'll work with your human resources department to help supplement your benefits package with a Massage 4 Office program.

  • Your employees schedule and pay directly with us online, relieving you of the additional workload of tracking payments and schedules.

  • If you choose to have Subsidized or 100% Employee funded program, employees pay for Massage 4 Offices services the same time they schedule their appointment. No matter how you decide to structure your Massage 4 Offices Program, we'll help you come up with a solution that works for you.