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Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld, D.C has been serving as a chiropractor for the Northern Virginia area for over 20 years. Happily, Dr. Cheryl and Lucelo G. Delgra LMT ( licensed massage therapist) married in 2009 and he joined her in helping clients with work related stress conditions.

Dr. Cheryl has received multiple awards and stellar reviews from her patients and peers. (please visit her website www.ArlingtonChiropractor.com As Dr. Cheryl got to know her patients, she realized that the majority of them come to the office suffering from musculoskeletal pain which stems from sitting too long at work. In 2011 Dr. Cheryl published her first book “Sit Fit, Be Fit.” She wrote it to specifically offer practical solutions that will help employees who sit all day at work. There have also been many companies who use the information in this book as an outline for their health and wellness programs. After receiving much feedback from Dr. Cheryl’s book, the idea of Massage 4 Offices was born. After treating thousands of people, Dr. Cheryl and Lucelo have found that over 80% of the patients who come to their office suffer from stress, work overload, and improper ergonomics at the workplace.


Dr. Cheryl Gottesfeld, D.C


Lucelo G. Delgra, LMT

What better way to help then getting to the core of the problem? Our goal at Massage 4 Offices is to help your employees maximize their potential.The mission of Massage 4 Offices is the same as it has been for Dr. Cheryl for over 20 years: healthy people means happier and more productive people. In the corporate world this is translated as healthy employees means healthy business. Healthy business means increased employee morale and productivity.

Throughout the US, chair massage is being offered on a corporate level where it has come to be commonplace, considered a well received investment in corporate wellness, which further yields high returns. If improving employee morale and productivity is directly related to your company’s bottom line , then we can help! Call us at (703) 563-7355 or Email us at massage4offices@gmail.com